Career and Experiential Learning

Career Services offers a variety of resources to connect your education to the career you want.  You can access to this valuable support by visiting their website here. These services include:

  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Job fair
  • Career mentorship

All these services are available for distance and online students as well. For more information click here.

Covid-19 Updates and Virtual Appointments

The Coordinators and faculty members in the Career & Experiential Learning office are available for virtual appointments and you will be able to schedule meeting times through Career Connections. If you are having difficulty scheduling appointments, please email and we will set up a time for you. Once your appointment has been made in Career Connections, the Coordinator will be in touch with you to set up a phone or web conference call.

Please contact your Coordinator directly via email if you have any questions relating to the Co-op program. Alternatively, you can schedule virtual appointments via Career Connections. Please login here:

Co-operative Education

Co-op is a program that combines on-campus study with paid work experience. Students also gain credit towards their degree.

Co-op 1000 is a pre-requisite course that a student must pass before accepting a work term. The course covers career development-related topics and is intended to give students a strong foundation prior to going out on their first work term. Virtual Co-op 1000 classes will continue. For more information please contact your Coordinator directly. You can also check their website by clicking here and see the latest information about coop opportunities and career support during this pandemic time.

Teachers Assistant

Professors and instructors usually hire TAs for certain courses, but if you are interested in teaching assistant opportunitieswe suggest you to visit One TRU for more details or email To be eligible for the Teaching Assistant Position, students must meet the following criteria: 

Work Study Program

WorkStudy is a TRU funded financial assistance program which offers an opportunity for Canadian students to work part-time on campus in positions that accommodate their studies. Career and Experiential Learning works with Work Study students and supervisors to assist in connecting the student experience with developing new skills and career planning. For the very latest updates on remaining open positions, please check the TRU Career Education’s Simplicity for Students page.

Student Research Assistant

Both graduate and undergraduate students may be hired as research assistants. Student research assistants are hired as employees of TRU.

There are many opportunities for research at the Undergraduate level at TRU, the trick is knowing what is there and how to get involved. We suggest you to check the available opportunities regularly and get the latest updates here.

TRU offers a unique blend of learning opportunities for graduate students. In support of your research, creative and scholarly activities, the office of Research and Graduate Studies offers guidance for internal and external funding opportunities, and provides you with news, resources and tools necessary to guide you to success. We will be there to help you promote and mobilize your knowledge. You can find more information here.

Volunteer Opportunities

With the new COVID-19 circumstances and restrictions on campus, volunteer opportunities are limited but here are a few options:

  • Check the TRU Career Education’s Simplicity for Students website. They might post potential opportunities under the volunteer section.
  • You can find off-campus volunteer opportunities here.

Campus Radio CFBX

CFBX is a campus-based community station that adheres to the policies, ideas and ideals of other campus radio stations. The station is in House 8 on the TRU campus. It is always looking for volunteers to help in various capacities. Check their website here.

Career And Experiential Learning